Our Story

The Birth

It all started in the winters of January, 2016 by Hammad Jilani. Dogether was an interest-based socializing platform for like-minded people to plan, meet, do and share an activity together. It was launched on the mobile platform on November, 2016.

The Journey

Hammad did an extensive market research and started working on the idea, soon after his internship during his engineering days. He pitched the idea at Startup Weekend, IIT Delhi and was selected as the top 3 ideas built over the weekend. In a short span of time, he graduated, quit his job and undertook Dogether full time. Started with a team of 2, it now consists of 10 members. In March 2017, Dogether got selected at Facebook’s prestigious Fb Start program. In May 2017, it got selected at Pitch-RISE, Hong Kong. Dogether has clocked over 900,000 downloads and more than 1,80,000 activities have been planned on the socializing platform. Dogether also collaborated with Decathlon and Pet Fed India for gigs.

The Realising Point

After a few months, the app became just one of the other socializing platform. Dogether aimed to remove the virtual word from socializing and planned to make face-to-face meet ups with friends or strangers sharing the same interest more often and planned. The activities created by the users on the app, had people showing interest in the activities but when it came to attending the event, the turnover was proportionally low. The team believed in sharing experiences in person and creating valuable memories in real life. Outside, we were growing, but inside we knew something was not right.

The Change

Rebuilding an already existing app from scratch and building something completely new was a task. We had to understand our community and happenings more deeply than we did previously. We wanted our users to take a different experience and memory with them back home.

The Vision

Our vision has always been the same and is never going to change. We want people to socialize and meet others through activities.
To achieve our vision, we are redesigning Dogether for people who want something different. For people, who want to fuse two different things together and are ready to try their hands at something new. We bring to you Dogether Experience where you will carry home a box of sweet memories, colorful unique experiences, and a handful of new relationships.

What is Dogether Experience?

With Dogether experiences you can re-imagine your wish list. Socialising has never been such fun before. Connect with our hand picked local hosts in your city, enter a community who care about your passion and get away from your monotonous life.