Unwind Yourself with Art.

Have you always wanted to hold a brush in one hand, a palette in another and stare at the beautiful canvas? Or are you flabbergasted realizing that a beautiful artwork or craft piece is made from your everyday home supplies? Art is a trusted healer which is hidden somewhere within you. It never fails to add pastels, hues, and earthen in your laborious colorless routine. It is a calm in the anxious chaotic mind. Engaging with the colors will cut you off from the digital world and will result in therapy. We have discovered some workshops for you, which are definitely to look out for. These workshops are not guided classes where you start from the basics and by the end of the class; you are just drained because you weren’t able to find the charm within the colors, tools, and tricks.

Painting with Strings 

Ever looked at beautiful wall murals made out of vibrant threads while scrolling through your Instagram or Pinterest feed? String art is a wildly popular craft that uses nails, strings and pine board. You can choose a stencil and hammer your own custom string art masterpiece. This workshop is a fail-free Pinterest project and will definitely be guided through a lot of sips and strings. You will not just walk away with your own piece of a beautiful wall art but you would have also nailed a new skill in the process. This art is therapeutic and is trending in the world of interiors and décor right now

Coffee on Canvas

Have you heard about one single object with different usability? Coffee is one of them. Apart from saving us to reach deadlines and creating a fresh aroma around, freshly brewed coffee is also used to create paintings. This is a kind of art when instant coffee is dissolved in water to create the paint. Water is added accordingly to get various tonal gradations. The colors range from monotonic shades of light sepia to dark chocolate brown. We will be using different varieties of coffee beans and powder instead of using just one kind of coffee to create different shades of coffee to give the paintings a rich, earthy feel to it. This painting is done on a canvas and not paper because paper curls once layers of coffee are added. So an un-curlable white canvas is painted with layers of white before the coffee is spilled on it. You can carry your piece of caffeinated art back home with you.

Hand-paint your Sneakers

Everyone has a special corner for customized products. If you are one of them, keep your eyes wide open for a shoe-painting workshop. Wearing a pair of shoes you painted will definitely give you a different walk at a social gathering. You will walk with your heads held up high, as the creative cell in your brain would have sparked by then. You can get your shoes and paint them with waterproof paints, so you can preserve it. Run your imagination wild and get that design you have always wanted, hand painted on your shoes. You can also get your old shoes and give them a makeover if you want to keep hands on your white sneakers. 


You might have seen a lot of graffiti on the walls of dilapidated houses and upcoming overhead bridges and skywalks. Graffiti done on paper using Spray Paint is called Aerosolgrafia. This is called the acquaintance of graffiti, as the output medium is different while technique used it somewhat similar. You will be given an art paper and with various stencils, you can spray away the blues, reds, and yellows. You will not just feel fierce and empowered doing this but also feel at ease once you glare at the beautiful masterpiece.

Glass Posters

Are you bored looking at the dull, lifeless paintings hung on your wall since decades? Make one undulating painting with broken glass in a mosaic workshop. A mosaic is a painting consisting of fascinating combinations of ceramic pieces, tiles, glass fragments, broken mirror chips, etc. So crack your own chip of glass using a hammer and add it to your whole serene portrait. The workshop will be engaging and interactive than being too focused because you will be forced to get your creativity out on the base and that will make you think out-of-your-own-little-box. You can create a centerpiece or a wall mural and take it back home.

Colorful Crockery

Do you have untouched crockery set lying wrapped and packed which you got as a wedding or an anniversary gift? You can go Picasso or just splash your plates and bowls with color and of course, you can call it modern art. It is ideal for someone who wants to learn, eat and have lots of enlightening conversations. This workshop will be your first step into the wonderful world of upcycling. After you’ve given your crockery a good wipe down, you will be shown how to use colors and apply it to your ceramic plate. You can learn different techniques; different types of paints to use and how to make it more durable and you can do it at home as well once you catch hold of the technique. Let your old crockery breathe fresh life and color.

 So, we are saying

All these workshops let you custom your own design and painting with whatever color scheme you like. You don’t need to be the crafty type to take part, as you will receive full tuition from our experience providers. You can be at your own pace until you’ve got the hang of the technique while the creative juices are flowing in you. This can be a short relaxing getaway from your everyday dull monotonous routine. While you enroll in one of these workshops, your routine can just rest.

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