The Night Riders exploring the lost Chronicle

Chapter 1: The Birth

After a long tiring day at work, two friends working in different companies decided to go back home and rest. They reached their abode and weren’t content with their lives. They were sitting and relaxing and suddenly the dark clouds hovered around and there was a storm. Soon after, a bolt of lightning streaked through their windows and suddenly it struck to them that they were just ordinary men running around in this chaotic world. They wanted to do something different than following the herd and joining the corporate race. They decided to stick to their nine-to-five routines during the weekdays and on weekends decided to follow their passion for history and travel. Thus after a few months of conducting it exclusively for their friends, they decided to make it public and hence ‘The Legend Of Bombay Bards’ was born.

Chapter 2: The Crossroad

Priyank and Yogesh knew each other since University when they were pursuing engineering in KJ Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai. They belong to the era where a child was injected with the idea to become an engineer first, do their Management degree and then wear white shirts and knotted ties every morning for the corporate race. Finding a perfect dream job was a little difficult because dropping out of their full-time jobs that earned them bread and butter, wasn’t a rational option. They decided to limit their corporate business to weekdays and then follow their passion on the remaining days. Once they landed on the idea they had to do a lot of research because even after staying in the city for years most of the citizens didn’t have any clue about the actual history. So getting facts and figures was very important for them to build their story. 

Chapter 3: The Breakthrough  

After following their passion they started spreading this love for travel and history through the stories of soils and souls. This began by conducting events for friends and family and gained them a lot of appreciation. Later, after months of success, they realized that they could make this event public and make the citizens aware of the long-lost history never found in any textbook. They believe that most of us remember places because we associate stories with them. So they host trails where the guests can reconnect with landmarks in a different way. By far they have conducted at least 15 trails. They want to build a community of StoryExplorers from around the world who love exploring; questioning and seeking similar lost chapters of history.

Chapter 4: Style and Work

They started “The Legend of Bombay Bards” as an experiential storytelling company, with the main focus on sharing two things: Passion for storytelling and love of travel. This is not just one of the cycling events where you will have a start and end point and no conversation and fun. In this experience, while you ride the cycle the hosts will narrate a story to you and there are going to be pit stops before the final end point. The stories encompass history, myth, and legends behind places and people who explored or built them. They piece all of this together and bring alive the lesser-known facets of our culture, its evolution over centuries and influence on us. 

Their tale is based on the life of a young boy who came to Bombay to earn a living during the British Raj. Little did he know that he would end up becoming the richest businessman in town and will turn Mumbai into the ‘mayanagri’ that it is known as today? He is the hero straight out of a fiction novel, hated by many for success.

So, we are saying

If you are an enthusiast who seeks out for fascinating stories or if you want to hear stories about abandoned or dilapidated palaces or cities, of long-lost temples or traditions or any other unique find, the memory of which has dulled and faded. This is the best detour you can take from your everyday life by getting on a cycle and discovering the lost stories.

Uncover the tale now.

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