Master of Spray Paint

Chapter 1: The Birth of the Artist

Once upon a time a man was in his late adulthood and started wondering about his retirement plans. He was puzzled and started wondering if he would have sufficed resources to live a happy retired life. While struggling to be secure, aerosol paints- a 60-year-old business house offered him to do marketing for them. When he took the distributorship, he wanted to know the product before selling it. While exploring the paints he got inclined towards creating artwork out of the paints and hence now is a brand himself. Sunil Gogia- the self-made-artist, found an unexplored passion of his that became his new routine. He hasn’t led any extraordinary life and has had a work-exhaust-sleep-repeat routine, just like you. He is the living example inspiring people that there exists no age-bar to learn something new. He holds over a decade of experience in this genre of art, Aerosolgrafia. Here began the evolution of art through business.

Chapter 2: The Crossroad

When a person is facing a difficulty and challenge in life, he seeks for answers everywhere. Some seek spiritual intervention whereas some extensively start following a religion. Sunil Gogia believes in three types of Karma; financial, relationship and health. He was going through a financial Karma he had to pace up with. Changing business late in life is a task when one is dealing with personal problems. Sunil Gogia has had a tough life but then he started following Buddhism, he inculcated the practice of chanting in his everyday life. It worked beautifully for him and helped him in his art. When he visited the Kala Godha festival for Bicycle painting, he realized that the cans could have versatile uses. His children appreciated his art and exposed it to the outside world through exhibitions and also helped him generate sales. Soon he started gaining fandom and people started coming to him for workshops. The art-buffs who followed the art wanted to engage in this new modern art and the path led to him, wherein he wasn’t really ready to be a tutor but after giving it a thought he decided he could tutor them and be a guide for this art.

Chapter 3: Artistic Breakthrough  

His artistic voyage began in 2009 when he created ‘A big moon with a dark blue sky’ as his first painting.  He was amazed at his creation but wanted a flawless painting so he poured over 200 cans of paint in his trial and error sessions when he finally was pleased. He did a lot of research on the net and adopted a few skills and techniques.

The art form he majors in is called aerosolgrafia, the acquaintance of graffiti. This art is done on an art paper using spray cans, usually outdoors. Working on the painting he discovered the tricks to make the paintings better. He did his first solo show in ‘Ravindra Natya Mandir’ Art Gallery, Mumbai where he gained a lot of confidence. He started painting landscapes, space, retro and pop art. He has hosted a lot many workshops in India and is a tutor, loved by all. He creates an influence that not just inspires people but also gives an at-home feeling. He now holds a community following him and his workshops and hence is an eminent artist. His work has found a lot of appreciation and now he holds exhibitions across India.

Chapter 4: Style and work

Sunil Gogia is more of a giver than a taker. He believes in giving out his experiences and knowledge to the people around so that things around him are happier. He wants individuals to extract this art form from him and inculcate it in their lives. Art is a form that makes an individual think out-of-the-box and implying this to life, he believes that people should attend his workshops and learn something new. This art form is not a common one. It’s a modern art originated in Mexico during the mid 19th century. The concept is based on ‘wet-on-wet’ wherein while one color is already wet, another color is sprayed upon then it’s merged using different tools and techniques to get the desired effect.

In India, there is no one yet who can teach this art form but him. He is a learner trying constantly to excel his paintings and results are mind-boggling. Later, when he becomes an expert in this art he wants to teach it to children in NGOs.

So, we are saying 

If you think those sleek weightless brushes and sticky pastels don’t define you well, he is your go-to man. He will be conducting an art-and-interact workshop based on the gothic, trending series of all times. He is the living example inspiring people that there exists no age-bar to learn something new. In this masterclass you will just have to spray the paint out of the can you hold on to. That tight grip will give you a sense of confidence and will boost your esteem. Splurge the varied colors on the blank sheet in front of you and create a wall mural you will never want to change. This man is worthy and you will feel the same too once you meet him. Once you exit the gates, you will feel mentally relaxed and will definitely feel peace.


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