Explore The City With These Mumbai Walking Tours

Are your fitness regimes boring and too cliche? Try something new every weekend by wearing a historians spectacle and travelers shoes. Get yourself walking through Mumbai’s heritage. Walking creates authentic encounters wherever you explore. While your blood would be pumping throughout, your mind will also be engaged and all your five senses will be energized by the scent, sound, and pulse of a place. You will be surprised by what you discover. You will not just burn a few calories but you will also make new friends on the trail as these walking tours will not be too slow or too fast but at a sociable pace. You will always be in the company of tour guides who aren’t just experts about the region you’re exploring, but they will also introduce you to the people, places, and traditions that make their community unique. They will give you a tour of a place they call home.

Mumbai is a metropolitan city. This city is buzzing with skyscrapers so finding historical sites and heritage buildings are difficult. These tours will dig out all the hidden stories from the historical sites and still existing heritage buildings. When you walk inside this area, you will see an amazing variety of historic landmarks and buildings, constructed in different styles of architecture and built in a variety of local and imported materials. Each building has a charming tale to tell, about the men who built it, and the historic past emotionally involved with it. These are a few tours you can try your ‘feet’ at:

1. Haunted Haul

Do you have a guilty pleasure to watch all- existing horror movies and a fascination to know the eerie history of the beautiful Kotachiwadi? Catch up the spooky tales of Girgaum in this walking tour where you will learn ghost stories, myths and you will be introduced to new characters. It is not for the faint-hearted, as this walk only begins when everyone is in their houses, sleeping with locked doors and the moon is shining faintly keeping a close watch on your moves. You will walk through the area with a few people who will keep an eye on you. Don’t worry if you will feel their presence without being able to see them. So dare to encounter the ghosts with goosebumps, shivers, and screams in this haunted walk.

2. Alibag Amble

Grab your hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen and step into a ferry and sail to Alibag to learn its history. The sleepy town of Alibag which is so close to Mumbai has stored history which needs to be excavated. In this walk, you will cross the sea, enter a fort, stroll through the gardens, watch dragons (sculptures), solve mysteries and visit temples influenced by the South, while hearing the stories. You will find out how the town has a magical connection with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

3. Hogging Hustle

Experience Bohri culture through its food in Bohri Mohalla. Indulge in the culture with ‘Musk’ Sandwiches, Absinthe, Spiral Gulab Jamun, Khichada, Natural Ice Cream, and Biryani without rice with many other tales, details, and dishes. With fully packed stomach and heart’s content, you will soak in the ambiance and walk out as the aroma disappears. Join for a gastronomical adventure to titillate your senses. As you will walk the narrow lanes, you will encounter more food stalls where you will halt and relish a small portion to engage your senses more in this walk.

4. Talent Trudge

This walk is also called as the Royal Opera House walk, wherein you will unfold the stories in Kala Ghoda precinct, also known as the art district of the city. It gave rise to most prominent musicians, writers, actors, painters, filmmakers, sculptors and singers of their times. Catering to the artists, in 1911 the Royal Opera House was inaugurated, whereas it was closed in 1993 due to years of neglect. While in 2017, after restoration work was completed it became open to the public. So learn the stories of the artists while you appreciate the blend of European-Indian interiors.

5. Heritage Hunt

Have you ever wanted to know the history of cities through its monuments, culture, places, and people? Mumbai’s Fort area is the hub for heritage. The area was the heart of the city in the 18th century. There are many walks which cover different areas of Fort wherein each one of them unearths a different story. Dhobi Tales uncovers treasures hidden in the smaller town near Dhobi Talao whereas Below The Hill explores the remnants of past behind the most prime real estates in the city. While fountain frolic is a walk around the crossroad to discover tales around the Flora Fountain and Teen Darwaza is a walk into the busiest of the three main entrances of the fort as it connected the ‘White Town’ to the ‘Native Town’ from where most of the supplies came.

6. Forest Footslog

Do you have the urge to experience fresh air? Well, the backyard of this city is a home to pristine wilderness. Trod through the trails in the forest and the myriad drama of life will unfold in front of you. You will pass the bowers and with a naturalist narrating the interesting aspects of the forest’s flora and fauna. Sitting by the stream, bubbling with crystal clear water and binge on some breakfast will want you to take a dip in it or maybe just beside it to enjoy the serenity. The cherry on the cake is you might also play a fun nature scavenger hunt before you walk back.

So we are saying,

These walking tours create the feel of living history as you walk in the footsteps of those who came before them or just make you feel your senses all at once. You would feel fresh after you take one of these tours as they will bring a different kind of adrenaline rush through your body. You will get an insiders perspective on the best local sites and the liberty to explore at your own pace.

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