Tents and Treks

Ever considered a day off from your monotonous routine to seek complete solitude amidst peaky mountains or calming sea? In this huge concrete jungle of ours, it is difficult to find fresh air, green serene atmosphere and especially a wide variety of flora and fauna. Nestled amid the unbeatable serenity are many places near Mumbai for outdoor events. The Sahyadri mountain ranges protecting hundreds of peaks, waterfalls, lush green forest, centuries-old fort, temples, and structures are the principal reason for these regions become hugely accepted and well acclaimed. The naturally blessed regions like Lonavala, Kamshet etc have more admirers than Bombay as they offer the best camping spaces amidst redeemed tranquility and beauty.

There’s a gigantic world out there, and if you’re not exploring it, you’re wasting it. Lakeside camping is one common camping activity near Mumbai. These camping sites are surrounded by picturesque beautiful sceneries making it an ideal destination for camping. The guides there usually let you set up your own camp and make sure you have done it the right way. You can enjoy your stay with a delicious BBQ spread in the evening and wake up to the alarm of chirping birds to witness a beautiful sunrise and indulge in some water sports or simply have a lazy swim in the lake if you wish to unwind. There is nothing better than jumping in a lake and splashing the water out on others. You will be in the company of other travel enthusiasts who will make sure your adventure is great as well.

Apart from lakeside camping, there is beachside camping as well. You need to take a boat ride from the shores of Mumbai to sail to a nearby island. As soon as you reach, you can engage yourself in a few water sports activities and later enjoy a sumptuous dinner by the beach with numerous activities like bonfire, stargazing, humming to the tunes of a guitar or just dancing to the melodies on your speakers. If you’re lucky enough you will find a local person narrating the history and giving you an extra eye to travel.

If you have a personal quest to climb a mountain or if your feet itch to traverse landscapes that are stark and desolate, join us for a trekking adventure near Mumbai. It is perfect for those who enjoy their periodic dose of adventure. After hogging on a piping hot dinner, you will learn to set up tents. You can even amble near the edge of the hills to see the electric lights dazzlings over urban towns located not-so-far-away, after all.

Think of this as an alarm bell, going off to warn you that every minute you spend without a thrill running through you is a minute wasted. Every day that doesn’t involve you doing something new is a day that you’ll never get back. We only have one short life, and the list is long. You’d better start turning those dreams into plans if you want to cover the big ones.

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