3 Best Destinations You Should Visit In India

When wanderlust is the adjective that defines you, you are lying if you say that you have never Googled the best destinations to travel. Cutting the labor down for you, here are three best cities to visit in India that promise crazy experience that will directly enter your books of memory: 1.    Manali: If you…

How to plan your Ladakh Trip?

Ladakh, a muse for writers, a heaven for bikers and a perfect getaway for the experience loving travelers! You can experience Ladakh while you’re cuddled in the laps of the mighty Himalayan and Karakorum ranges, it is a destination that is beautified by contrasts!

7 most challenging treks in Maharashtra

Do you want to feel touristy in your own city, Mumbai? Well, head on to these stunning landscapes in the backyard of the city. Trekking through different regions gives an opportunity to the adventurers to gain a deep insight into the immaculate beauty of the regions and the bewitching flora and fauna as well. Trips…

Unwind Yourself with Art.

Art is a trusted healer which is hidden somewhere within you. Engaging with the colors will cut you off from the digital world and will result in therapy. We have discovered some workshops for you, which is definitely to look out for.

Master of Spray Paint

Discovery of Aerosolgrafia by the Master of Spray Paint. The birth, artistic breakthrough, style and work of the man himself- Sunil Gogia.

Explore The City With These Mumbai Walking Tours

Are your fitness regimes boring and too cliche? Try something new every weekend by wearing a historians spectacle and travelers shoes. Get yourself walking through Mumbai‚Äôs heritage. Walking creates authentic encounters wherever you explore. While your blood would be pumping throughout, your mind will also be engaged and all your five senses will be energized…

Tents and Treks

Ever considered a day off from your monotonous routine to seek complete solitude amidst peaky mountains or calming sea? In this huge concrete jungle of ours, it is difficult to find fresh air, green serene atmosphere and especially a wide variety of flora and fauna. Nestled amid the unbeatable serenity are many places near Mumbai…